On-demand Class Library – unlimited access for a month


Enjoy yoga anytime and anywhere with a monthly subscription to our on-demand class library.

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Our on demand monthly yoga subscription allows you to enjoy our yoga classes anytime and anywhere by accessing our on-demand class library. We have over 550 class recordings in the library, with different styles and class levels and a new recordings added each week. All classes are indexed according to style and duration, making it easy to choose a recording to suit your mood and available time.

Whats included in our on demand monthly yoga subscription

  • Access to our Members Area with over 550 On-demand class recordings, with a new recordings added each week. These classes are indexed by level, time and class.
  • Facebook community page with lovely yoga information each month
  • Adhoc surprise yoga classes and meditations
  • Early bird bookings on all hall classes and workshops
  • 1 free pass to an live and online yoga class per month

The month of classes starts on the day of purchase and runs for a calendar month.