Class Information

Most of my classes are run as course’s. When you buy a course you are able to attend those classes on that course for the duration of the course.  If you miss a class, I offer you the option of making up that class, within your course time, at any of my other classes.  This does not include, workshops, Yoga Nidra or Summer school, these classes are paid for on an individual basis.

Once your course has finished, I give priority to those already in the class to book onto the next course, unfortunately you cannot roll your missed classes onto a new course.  If you wish to change courses, come and talk to me as that class may be full and you can put your name on the reserve list.

Please arrive at the class in time so that you can lay out your mat and collect your equipment before the class starts.  Arriving late disrupts the class especially at the beginning when we are all centering and setting intentions for the class.  I know sometimes it may be impossible to get to the class on time so if you do need to be late, please enter the class quietly.

Turn off mobile phones, you have taken this time out of your busy schedule for you, this is your time so make the most of it.  Turn off your phone and tune into you.

Wear comfortable clothing that you can stretch in and layers for when you get hot and for when you need to slow down.

Enjoy the class, everything you need for the class you will have, so let go, let your spirit soar and be free.


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