Hi my name is Sally and I love Yoga, and I really love teaching Yoga and sharing my Yoga knowledge with my classes in Berkhamsted, Cheddington and Ivinghoe.

Yoga has been in my life for a long time and even though I have had times where I haven’t kept up my practice it has always been there in the background calling me.  During the birth of my first son, the breathing and gentle movement came back to me, it felt like I was coming home and that is when I decided that I wanted to get back to a daily Yoga practice.  Unlike today, it was quite hard to find a Yoga class in Berkhamsted back in 1991, so I started to practice at home.  Yoga helped me through my second sons birth and soon after that I decided that teaching Yoga was what I needed to do. 

In 1999, I gave up my corporate career to train as a Yoga teacher and have never looked back.  I have studied with many teachers over the years and I would say my style is creative and intuitive and I draw on the many styles of Yoga which have influenced my own practice over the years. 

One thing I love is the body and the mechanics of how it works. I bring my knowledge of anatomy into my classes and this in itself brings about an element of alignment for my students.  I work with the breath in every class, using a mindful breath to move from one pose to another, the breath helps us to release, go deeper into a pose and enjoy the bliss that Yoga brings, oh the bliss….   Ahhhh….  I could go on but I would never stop.

I feel that the training and ongoing training, in particular my British Wheel of Yoga Diploma, has given me the tools to teach great empowering classes, but my real teachers are you, the people who show up each week to practice, some of them for 17 years now, I learn so much from you all and I feel very humbled to be your teacher.  I would also like to honour all my teachers who have inspired me, in the past, in the present and in the future.

So if you feel you’re ready to take the plunge and join us, click here and send me a message so we can book your first session free.

Come and join us.


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